Best Productivity Hacks for Developers

Best Productivity Hacks for Developers

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If you want to revamp your journey as a Developer or Software Engineers follow these productivity hacks. It would definitely help you in your journey.

1. Start-off by prioritizing tasks for the day

The biggest productivity hack is to begin your day by acquainting yourself with the tasks you need to complete and prioritizing them accordingly. As a developer, it is essential to prioritize tasks and allocate enough time for each task correctly. By sticking to your task timelines, you can get your productivity to the peak.

2. Allocate adequate time for weekly planning

As much as it is important to plan and prioritize your daily tasks as a developer, planning out your week’s tasks is also essential. That way, you’re aware of what needs to be completed over the week, allowing you to optimally plan your daily tasks in accordance with your weekly goals.

3. Start your day with the most important task

As a software developer, you could very well have multiple tasks to complete throughout the day. A great productivity hack is beginning with the most important or the hardest task. That’s because, at the start of the day, you’re typically at your productive best and can get a lot of work done before your energy levels wane after lunch.

4. Eliminate distractions and don’t procrastinate

Distractions are the worst influence on your productivity. Especially as a software developer, when you have to focus for long hours, getting distracted often can jeopardize productivity, excellence, and accuracy.

A good tip is to take time off to do the things that are a potential deterrent to your productivity. For instance, if you want to take time off to speak to your coworkers or watch a video or two, it’s best to do it during lunchtime or when you’re on a break. That way, you can avoid our distractions from coming in the way of your productivity.

5. Dedicate time for personal learning and development

Personal training and development is a crucial part of growing as a developer. By doing so, you allow yourself to expand the scope of your knowledge and prepare for bigger and more challenging tasks that are directly associated with personal growth.

6. Avoid opening too many tabs while going about your tasks

Having multiple tabs open is a big productivity thief. It not only slows down your computer but also serves as quite a distraction.

Many a time, you could have multiple tabs open across browsers without realizing that it might actually be slowing down your computer. If you have multiple articles or other reading material you want to catch up on, use some free downloadable tools that are built specifically to help you organize content that you want to revisit.

7. Review your coding habits

Reviewing code can consume a large chunk of your time and can also be quite taxing. It is important to prioritize quality over quantity while reviewing code. As a rule of thumb, avoid reviewing more than 400 lines of code in one sitting. More so, refrain from spending over 90 minutes in a single stretch while reviewing code. Taking timely breaks is a great way to refresh yourself and be at the top of your game while reviewing code.

Implementing these productivity hacks for software developers will help you significantly boost your productivity and efficiency while reviewing code.

Happy Coding!!