Hacks for being a Better Programmer

Hacks for being a Better Programmer

I have been coding for a while now, and some of my best programming tips to all other developers out there:

  1. Coding is the last step of the process

  2. For solving problems: Whiteboard > Keyboard

  3. Coding without planning = Stress

  4. You look smarter by being clear not clever.

  5. Long-term consistency > Short-term intensity

  6. Solution first. Optimization later.

  7. Lot of programming is problem-solving

  8. Think of multiple solutions, before committing to one.

  9. You learn by building projects not taking courses.

  10. Always prefer simplicity. Simple solutions are easier to code.

  11. Errors are inevitable in coding. They just tell you what not to do.

  12. Failure is cheap in programming. Learn by doing.

  13. Lot of programming is figuring out.

  14. Pair programming will teach you a lot more than coding.

  15. Take walks when stuck with debugging.

  16. Make asking for feedback on your code a habit.

  17. You lose 0 credibilities by asking for help.

  18. Time spent on understanding the problem is time well spent.

  19. When stuck on the problem. Be curious, not frustrated.

  20. Think of possible scenarios and edge cases before solving.

  21. Don’t stress about programming syntax. Understand concepts.

  22. Learn to use a good debugger. It pays off.

  23. Know the keyboard shortcuts of your text editor early.

  24. Your code is as clear as you think.

  25. You will spend 2x much time on debugging than coding.

  26. Good googling skills are valuable.

  27. Read other people’s code for inspiration.

  28. Join developer communities to learn with other programmers.

Happy Coding!

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